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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Project 365 day 27 Stick To It

I am trying for the umpteenth time to get in shape!! I started T25, then stopped, now I am back on track!! I am sure it works just have to get back my sticktoittiveness!

Project 365 Day 25- My Pal Vera

We went to the Outlets today, and I had to stop at my favorite store Vera Bradley.  OMG I got a bag and a wallet for $38, so exciting and I love me a bargain.

Project 365- Day 24 Me, Me, Me

I say it ALL. THE. TIME.  I need to make time for myself, I am going to make time for myself.  I will feel better.  I will look better. Blah! Blah! Blah! Sometimes I think I just like to hear myself talk.  Because what I say and what I do are 2 completely different things.
Believe me I understand why I need to do it.  I understand how important it is.  I understand that I need to put myself first every now and then.  But if someone could please oh please explain to me how I get rid of the guilt I feel when doing something for me.
I grew up with a mother who NEVER did anything for herself EVER.  She worked and worked and worked some more.  I never saw much of her during the week and on the weekends she spent her days with me until she got another job then she worked 7 days a week.  So I guess I always felt and was taught that only selfish people do things for themselves.
I am working on my issues but sometimes I feel like I will never change. I am trying each and everyday to be healthier and eat healthier.  Here is a pot of soup I made, baby steps.

PROJECT 365- DAY 22 Through the Eyes

The eyes tell a lot about a person. You can see sadness, happiness, so many emotions come through the eyes. I often wonder what people are thinking when they look at me, what do they see?  Do they see all I have been through?  Do they care?

Project 365- Day 21 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There is a rainbow in the sky.  I wish there was a pot of gold at the end because I could use one right about now.

Project 365 Day 20- Where to go Next?

Not really sure where our lives are going, hubby’s job is changing location so we will have to relocate.  I am so tired of moving, I just want to settle somewhere, anywhere.  I want to fell content.

Project 365- Day 15 Organization

So in within this Project 365 lies a Happiness Project. I am starting that Happiness Project with Organizing my life and what better place to start then the pantry.  Behold, the before and the after. I am so much happier with the after and it only cost me $21 at the Dollar Tree.



Project 365 Day 13 – Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I am reading this and going to start my own Happiness Project.  That means I am eliminating negativity from my life and people that I do not matter to.  I am going to strive to do things that make me happy, because life is too short.

Project 365 Day 12- To the Beach

We went to the beach today, it’s January 12 and we were at the beach.  We didn’t swim or anything but it was a beautiful 65 degrees.  Such a beautiful and memorable day.

Project 365- Day 11 – Coffee

I love coffee.  I am the only one who drinks it, my hubby hates it. I love the taste and I love the smell.  It is definitely something I can not live without.