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Daily Archives: December 10, 2017


Dear Santa,

I am too old to be writing this letter even though sometimes I feel like a 12 year old trapped in a 40 year old’s body  When you are a mom and especially a special needs mom (my 6 year old has Down Syndrome and my 12 year old has Tourette’s –oh and I homeschool them both)  your wants and needs sometimes get put on the back burner, heck there are some days I am lucky I get a solid 5 hrs sleep and a shower.  But that’s how it should be right and Christmas is for kids but this year Santa can I be a little selfish and ask for some things for myself and my husband.


  1. A full time babysitter that I can call whenever I need to go on a date with my husband (we haven’t had a date in a while)
  2. Memberships to our favorite exercise classes because we need to take care of our bodies. Exercise makes me feel great and like a human being
  3. A lifetime supply of starbucks because coffee is life especially when waking up at 4-5 am with my daughter everyday
  4. I want my husband to have a break- he does so much for us. I would love to give him a Tower Hobbies Shopping spree and the time to work on the RC Cars that he loves so much and never has time for. I would love to give him an office makeover and a garage makeover because he just never has the time to get it all done.
  5. I wish our home and car was paid for so that we can start saving money for our daughter for when we are gone one day.
  6. A successful blog and youtube channel so that I can have something that I can do something I am proud of and help provide for my family.
  7. A Target shopping spree so I can go to Target by myself and buy whatever I want. (I know not very realistic but a girl can dream can’t she)
  8. Someone to professionally decorate and organize my house (If Joanna Gaines isn’t too busy? Maybe you could give her a call)
  9. A housekeeper (I am thinking Mrs Garrett, Mr Belvedere, hey if I am asking they have to have personality too—this is my dream isn’t it?
  10. Those meal comes right to your door plans- lifetime supply because Hello Fresh needs to be in my life.
  11. Clothes that don’t look like I have shopped the clearance rack at Walmart-bc I do and I really don’t want to anymore.
  12. Have my hair done once a month so that once in a while I look like maybe I own a brush and a mirror.
  13. Makeup- to make me feel pretty once in a while and to cover the dark circles
  14. All the homeschool supplies I could ever want or need
  15. Time to do crafts- and I just need more crafts in my life
  16. Most of all I wish for happiness and I wish that my children will learn all the things they need to learn and that they will be treated with love and respect in this world.
  17. A VACATION with my husband
  18. A real vacation with my family that doesn’t feel like work
  19. Better relationships with family members
  20. I want to feel normal- I want to leave the house without dealing with major meltdowns
  21. I want to talk to my daughter, I mean a real conversation her speech is so limited that it is hard to communicate with her sometimes.
  22. A potty trained almost 7 year old – this is one of the things that really sucks about Down Syndrome- really sucks.
  23. A lifetime supply of movie tickets- so if we just need a break for the afternoon one of us can go watch a movie and escape for a bit.
  24. Family portraits
  25. Sleep just one night of unbroken, uninterrupted beautiful sleep
  26. A real wedding ring and engagement ring – 15 years and still don’t have my own ring
  27. I want to feel like I belong somewhere, in a group, never have felt like I quite fit in anywhere.

Okay since I know this is just a silly letter and probably is never going to happen I guess I can just go crazy with it.

  1. I want to go to Calfornia to see the redwoods, Nevada to see the Grand Canyon, to Vegas and to Hawaii oh and a Disney Cruise, and I want to go to Disneyland in CA
  2. I wish noise didn’t bother my daughter and stop us from doing things, I wish my son would conquer his fears of rollercoasters.
  3. My son loves music and plays the guitar I want to be able to afford all the music lessons his heart desires.



Well big guy that’s all I got and it’s a doozy.  Even though I know this isn’t a reality it was still fun to dream for a bit.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


An Exhausted but Happy and Hopeful

Special  Needs Mom