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Dear Santa,

I am too old to be writing this letter even though sometimes I feel like a 12 year old trapped in a 40 year old’s body  When you are a mom and especially a special needs mom (my 6 year old has Down Syndrome and my 12 year old has Tourette’s –oh and I homeschool them both)  your wants and needs sometimes get put on the back burner, heck there are some days I am lucky I get a solid 5 hrs sleep and a shower.  But that’s how it should be right and Christmas is for kids but this year Santa can I be a little selfish and ask for some things for myself and my husband.


  1. A full time babysitter that I can call whenever I need to go on a date with my husband (we haven’t had a date in a while)
  2. Memberships to our favorite exercise classes because we need to take care of our bodies. Exercise makes me feel great and like a human being
  3. A lifetime supply of starbucks because coffee is life especially when waking up at 4-5 am with my daughter everyday
  4. I want my husband to have a break- he does so much for us. I would love to give him a Tower Hobbies Shopping spree and the time to work on the RC Cars that he loves so much and never has time for. I would love to give him an office makeover and a garage makeover because he just never has the time to get it all done.
  5. I wish our home and car was paid for so that we can start saving money for our daughter for when we are gone one day.
  6. A successful blog and youtube channel so that I can have something that I can do something I am proud of and help provide for my family.
  7. A Target shopping spree so I can go to Target by myself and buy whatever I want. (I know not very realistic but a girl can dream can’t she)
  8. Someone to professionally decorate and organize my house (If Joanna Gaines isn’t too busy? Maybe you could give her a call)
  9. A housekeeper (I am thinking Mrs Garrett, Mr Belvedere, hey if I am asking they have to have personality too—this is my dream isn’t it?
  10. Those meal comes right to your door plans- lifetime supply because Hello Fresh needs to be in my life.
  11. Clothes that don’t look like I have shopped the clearance rack at Walmart-bc I do and I really don’t want to anymore.
  12. Have my hair done once a month so that once in a while I look like maybe I own a brush and a mirror.
  13. Makeup- to make me feel pretty once in a while and to cover the dark circles
  14. All the homeschool supplies I could ever want or need
  15. Time to do crafts- and I just need more crafts in my life
  16. Most of all I wish for happiness and I wish that my children will learn all the things they need to learn and that they will be treated with love and respect in this world.
  17. A VACATION with my husband
  18. A real vacation with my family that doesn’t feel like work
  19. Better relationships with family members
  20. I want to feel normal- I want to leave the house without dealing with major meltdowns
  21. I want to talk to my daughter, I mean a real conversation her speech is so limited that it is hard to communicate with her sometimes.
  22. A potty trained almost 7 year old – this is one of the things that really sucks about Down Syndrome- really sucks.
  23. A lifetime supply of movie tickets- so if we just need a break for the afternoon one of us can go watch a movie and escape for a bit.
  24. Family portraits
  25. Sleep just one night of unbroken, uninterrupted beautiful sleep
  26. A real wedding ring and engagement ring – 15 years and still don’t have my own ring
  27. I want to feel like I belong somewhere, in a group, never have felt like I quite fit in anywhere.

Okay since I know this is just a silly letter and probably is never going to happen I guess I can just go crazy with it.

  1. I want to go to Calfornia to see the redwoods, Nevada to see the Grand Canyon, to Vegas and to Hawaii oh and a Disney Cruise, and I want to go to Disneyland in CA
  2. I wish noise didn’t bother my daughter and stop us from doing things, I wish my son would conquer his fears of rollercoasters.
  3. My son loves music and plays the guitar I want to be able to afford all the music lessons his heart desires.



Well big guy that’s all I got and it’s a doozy.  Even though I know this isn’t a reality it was still fun to dream for a bit.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


An Exhausted but Happy and Hopeful

Special  Needs Mom

The Magic is Endless at Our #DisneyPreschooPlaydate

We are a Disney Family, we love all things Disney and when I say this I really mean it. We even moved to Central Florida just so we could be closer to Walt Disney World, okay there were a few more reasons, but it was one of the top 3.  You can imagine my family’s excitement when we were chosen to host a Disney Preschool Playdate and partner with Disney and Mom Select. We were sent some wonderful products from Disney, American Tourister, Soft Soap, Pillow Pets, HP and Popsecret all to use at our party.

My wheels started spinning so of course what do you do when you need some Disney inspiration?  You go right to the source of course.  So off we went to Disney World to enjoy a day at Magic Kingdom where the magic truly is endless.


My daughter is 5 and has Down syndrome and my son who is 11 has Tourette’s Syndrome.  When we go to Disney we escape all our hardships, all the medical things, all the everyday stresses and we just escape into the magic.

It’s the smell of the cotton candy lingering in the air, the sight of all the mickey balloons floating above, the sounds of laughter and music and the feeling of true magic that help us to feel like we have escaped even for just a few hours.  We are a family at Disney, and nothing else in the world matters for that moment in time.

Leaving the park gave me the inspiration I needed to host a great party.   I decided to stick with the Mickey theme because after all it did all start with a mouse.  From the decorations, to the crafts, to the snacks, my inspiration was Mickey and his pals.  My daughter absolutely adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior and my son loved it when he was her age.


I stuck with the classic Mickey colors of black, red and yellow.  I used printables for invitations and signs from Frugal Coupon Living Catch My Party

We have lots of Disney friends and toys in our house so we used all the things we had along with all the things sent to us to create a magical Disney party.  Instead of playing games at our party we actually went to Epcot later that evening to look for some hidden Mickey’s using the cards that were sent to us. We had so much fun.  We had the hidden Mickey game a little easier for my daughter because she is special needs. She just had to look for Mickey anywhere she saw him and we filled in the Mickey head for her.

I want to thank Walt Disney World and Mom Select for providing My Hands and Heart are Full with this wonderful opportunity. It was so much fun. Disney is a part of our lives and always will be.  It was fun to show everyone our #Disneyside and bring the magic home from the parks and throw a super fun Disney party. We love the Walt Disney World Resort where the magic is endless, especially for our family.

Check out a video of the party on my Youtube Channel.













Little Girl’s Room Tour

I couldn’t wait for the day when I had a little girl and my own home to be able to decorate the most beautiful room for her.  This past weekend my husband and I did just that.  We chose the most beautiful mint green, cream and coral color scheme.  We got lots of decorations that just pulled the room altogether.

IMG_6043IMG_6049 IMG_6053 IMG_6055 IMG_6044

We love her new room and so does she check out our tour on youtube.