Project 365 Day 90-92 MOVING RIGHT A LONG

So we are moving for the umpteenth time, next week to be exact and the amount of stress I am feeling right now, is CRAZY.  I HATE moving, it makes me wonder why I do it so often.  I am hoping that this is it, this is where we remain for quite a few years before we totally get sick of Florida.  I know when we got down here last year that I hated where we were and I would spend that year finding a new place that I did love and this is the place.  Don’t get me wrong we did meet some really nice people here and make some really good friends that we plan to keep in touch with, it’s just not the right fit for us here.    So off we go in a few days.

So excited to be starting so many things in our lives and so excited to be able to share them with you.  My blogging schedule may be put on hold for a bit until we get moved. So until next time my friends, can’t wait to catch up with you when we are settled and let you know all the new and exciting things we are going to begin.

FYI- Have been trying to braid little Miss’ hair, it is like trying to braid the hair on a moving target, but it looks cute.

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  1. lisa jegen | 5th Apr 14

    Where are you moving? We are trying to relocate but have no idea where would be the best fit for our 8 yr. son who has Down Syndrome. My husband can work anywhere he can get on WIFI so that is not a consideration. So confused….

  2. Lisa Jorgensen | 5th Apr 14

    Yes, we really are one and the same! Moving is a bear. And I read somewhere it's on the top 10 list of worst stresses in life (right up there with death and divorce!). So I wish you the best of luck and that the packing fairies will help you get it all done magically and quickly.

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